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Immerse yourself in the world of automation and digital marketing with our Gonnected podcast series. Each of our four episodes is specially designed to enhance your understanding and provide you with concrete strategies, allowing you to elevate your digital presence to unparalleled heights.

In this first episode, I open the doors to my life in La Réunion, an island that captivates with its natural beauty and vibrant spirit. I share with you not only the breathtaking landscapes and enriching encounters but also the challenges and joys of daily life as a digital nomad. From organizing my work time to balancing professional and personal life, I reveal it all. My career has allowed me to gain expertise in digital marketing, AI, and data, working with innovative startups such as, Wegrow-app, running-care, and Station F. These experiences have equipped me with a unique vision to tackle the challenges of digital marketing and business growth in an ever-changing world.

This first episode is filmed at Endemik St-Louis, a place that perfectly embodies the spirit of La Réunion. I invite you to dive with me into this adventure, where each episode will be a new exploration of the various facets of digital nomadism. Expect practical tips, life hacks, and profound reflections on this unique way of life. I’m excited to take you on this journey and share the ups and downs of the digital nomad life.

Stay tuned for more stories, tips, and inspirations. Welcome to this journey into the heart of the digital and the human, discovering a balance between technology, nature, and culture.

Discover how we, as digital nomads, make the most of our free mornings thanks to the time difference with the mainland, diving into invigorating padel matches before immersing ourselves in the world of work.

Our flexible and extensive opening hours allow everyone, whether beginners or seasoned players, to indulge in this accessible and socially enriching sport. Through detailed tutorials, memorable match anecdotes, and presentations of our chosen equipment, we aim to share with you the unique spirit of padel and its harmonious integration into the life of a digital nomad. Whether you’re here for the passion of padel, the allure of digital nomadism, or simply to discover the wonders of La Réunion, you’ll find a welcoming community ready to take you on an unforgettable adventure. Join us for enriching exchanges, shared laughter, and unforgettable moments on and off the courts. “The Tafe Life” is more than just a game; it’s a way of life, a balance between work, passion, and friendships, all in one of the most breathtaking places on the planet. Welcome to our community, where each day is a new opportunity to play, work, and celebrate the life of a digital nomad in La Réunion.