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LinkedIn has over 575+ million users, with more than 260 million monthly active users. 
A very interesting digital channels with a good return on investment if you know very well your persona/target.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager Example

Tips to manage your LinkedIn Ads:

LinkedIn ads formats

Please find below the 6 different formats available in LinkedIn Ads. 

LinkedIN Ads Format

LinkedIn ads budget

Well well.. the CPC (Cost per click) on LinkedIn starts at 2,00 euros which can be quite expensive for a test.
Nonetheless, if you know your persona, then it’s very easy to get in touch with the right person. 

Tips LinkedIn Post:

When to post on LinkedIn?

It depends on the country! |
Mostly I would strongly advice on the following days; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. 
Why? Because it’s a B2B platform and mostly people receive internal emails on Mondays. 
Fridays to be avoid in case your target is on a long week-end. 
Regarding the hours on LinkedIn, you should target the “break / pause” which will, again, depends on the countries. 
Examples: French breaks and Spanish breaks are not at the same time. 

What to post en LinkedIn?

It’s a B2B platform!! 
Talk about your professional projects, your accomplishment at work, your products or your community.
Anything related to some work or event talking about the actuality but through a B2B vision / mindset. 
Focus on the quality instead of the quantity because soon people will start to unfollow you. 
People mostly access LinkedIn while at work 😉 

Also, you can do “corporate communication”: show the live in your company what is happening and much more! 
Be creative! 

One good LinkedIn free technique

# = Hashtags are great ! 
Click on them, who is talking about your subject and comment the post. Great technique to talk/advertise about your product/company/project

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