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Linkedin Campaign Manager

LinkedIn has over 575+ million users, with more than 260 million monthly active users. 
A very interesting digital channels with a good return on investment if you know very well your persona/target.

Tips to manage your LinkedIn Ads:

LinkedIn ads formats

Please find below the 6 different formats available in LinkedIn Ads. 

LinkedIn ads budget

Well well.. the CPC (Cost per click) on LinkedIn starts at 2,00 euros which can be quite expensive for a test.
Nonetheless, if you know your persona, then it’s very easy to get in touch with the right person. 

Tips LinkedIn Post:

When to post on LinkedIn?

It depends on the country! |
Mostly I would strongly advice on the following days; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. 
Why? Because it’s a B2B platform and mostly people receive internal emails on Mondays. 
Fridays to be avoid in case your target is on a long week-end. 
Regarding the hours on LinkedIn, you should target the “break / pause” which will, again, depends on the countries. 
Examples: French breaks and Spanish breaks are not at the same time. 

What to post en LinkedIn?

It’s a B2B platform!! 
Talk about your professional projects, your accomplishment at work, your products or your community.
Anything related to some work or event talking about the actuality but through a B2B vision / mindset. 
Focus on the quality instead of the quantity because soon people will start to unfollow you. 
People mostly access LinkedIn while at work 😉 

Also, you can do “corporate communication”: show the live in your company what is happening and much more! 
Be creative! 

One good LinkedIn free technique

# = Hashtags are great ! 
Click on them, who is talking about your subject and comment the post. Great technique to talk/advertise about your product/company/project