Open Source Tools


Open Source Tools

“Open source is great for starting your business” until you want or need to scale up. Gartner annually ranks the best open source e-commerce solutions, with the well-known number one: Shopify.

We didn’t include Magento 2.0 because we don’t know what Adobe will do with this software/company.

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10 million websites use WordPress like Installation is done in 5 minutes and many themes can be used to customize your sites. It is already compatible with mobiles, which saves you time. What’s great is the ecosystem around them, which means that a company like Envato and Theme Forest have built their business around them.


WooCommerce is the most used plugin for WordPress! It is the E-commerce plugin used by 93% of WordPress sites and the most used open source e-commerce in the world according to built with trends, ahead of Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop and BigCommerce. We love their promise: “Our goal is to develop and evolve our framework while the company continues to grow and evolve.”

FTP Software : Filezilla

FileZilla is a free and free software for transferring files over the Internet.

This means that you can access your server via FTP/SFTP and it can be used on Linux, Windows, Mac.

Wikipedia as a good explanation here.


Smush is a WordPress plugin to compress and optimize your images. The size and weight of your images is the key to loading your pages as quickly as possible.

More than a million WordPress sites use this plugin and it’s understandable! Very simple, Smush scans your images for you. #cool

Media player: VLC Media Player

To introduce VLC, we can’t do better than their explanation on the homepage: “VLC is a free and open source cross-platform media player and a framework that reads most media files as well as DVDs, audio CDs, VCDs and various streaming protocols.”

For those who have downloaded at some point… I assume you used it.

Photo editor : GIMP

Photoshop is too expensive!

Then use GIMP for basic photo compression and editing and at the same time put your name on your creativity.

If you like free and open source software, you can donate as much as you want.

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