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Instagram Ads

Instagram has over 1+ billion users…!!!!! Therefore, it’s quick an inevitable channel especially for the 18 -34 years as you can see below.

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 A lot of people always wonder how the start-up started, that’s why you will find this great info from funders and founders. 
Since April 2012, it has been acquired by Facebook. All marketing campaigns are using Facebook Business Manager. 

Tips to manage your Instagram Ads:

Instagram ads formats

Please find below the  different formats available in Instagram Ads. 

Tips Instagram Post:

When to post on Instagram?

It depends on your audience like any other social network. 

Mostly I would strongly advice on the following days;
Mondays and during the week. 
Regarding the hours on Instagram; it seems that your engagement would be higher early in the morning and when people are about to leave their office (looking for inspiration to buy stuff? to cook?) 

What to post en Instagram?

It’s a B2C platform!! 
Think Engagement and beauty.
Yesssss yessssss “beauty” because it’s a visual network and the quality of your video or photo. 
Unfortunately or not, it’s important to put your product in situation which might imply to do a pro photo shooting or to communicate through influencers who will do you web branding. A lot of options depending on your photos/videos skills and your budget. 

One good Instagram free technique

# hastags is the s**t ! 
You will see a lot of # when people are posting on IG (Instagram) because when you click on a hashtag then you can see multiple posts using the same hastags.
So please pick carefully your hastags. 

Another great free technique with IG is to use free app to create animated images or gif. 
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