Facebook Ads

Facebook has over 2+ billion users…!!!!! You can’t miss the potential
Definition from Facebook about their Ads tool: “Business Manager allows advertisers to manage their marketing efforts in one place and share access to assets across their team, partner agencies and vendors.”

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Tips to manage your Facebook Ads:

Facebook ads formats

Please find below the  different formats available in LinkedIn Ads. 

Facebook ads budget

Well well.. the CPC (Cost per click) on Facebook Ads is very very low. 
So if you have a small budget it’s great to start with this channel because you only need to start with 20 euros.

Tips Facebook Post:

When to post on Facebook?

It depends on your audience! 

Mostly I would strongly advice on the following days;
Mondays, Fridays, Week-ends 
Regarding the hours on Facebook; what is the first things you do when you commute (in public transportation?), when you arrive at work, when you’re on break, smoking? So target 9h, 15h or maybe during lunch time. 

What to post en Facebook?

It’s a B2B & B2C platform!! 
Think Engagement, engagement and engagement. Think mobile and only mobile
Ask questions, do challenges, have fun with your community. Videos are one of the best way to get a great engagement.

Be creative! 

One good Facebook free technique

Small tests to find find your perfect audience ! 
I strongly advice to start with a 100 euros budget so you can do multiple test and have fun. 
Budget max:
> 20 euros (minimum) with one type of audience and one type of facebook ads format
> 20 euros (minimum) with another type of audience and same facebook ads format (only change one variable and focus on audience first)
> etc.. 

Facebook audience