Mobile Marketing Tools


Microsoft Magasin

Watch out for that one! (formerly known as Windows Store).

You’d better start learning and trying this marketing tool because it’s a combination of apps, music, videos and console games. It’s worth a try because Microsoft has merged all its tools into one.

Google Ads's APP

A Google Ads app campaign is an automated campaign type that allows you to generate both installs and conversion actions in the app. When it comes to placements, an app campaign connects you with users on Google Search, Google Display, YouTube and Google Play.

Follow-up of the application

AppAnnie was created in 2010 as the first data on the mobile market. The Freemium release is a good starting point to kick-start your ASO strategy with their AppStore tracking; reviews, app ratings, app ratings, app descriptions, release update history, major in-app purchases, and review and feature summaries.

Search on APPEAL

How do you stand out among the more than 2 million app titles available on the App Store? Use the app marketing tool; Apple Search Ads, which was deployed in 46 markets starting in 2019.

Senior Tower

SensorTower provides data and information about the mobile app ecosystem through app analytics. You can view downloads and revenue estimates from any publisher by app, category, country and device.

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Data-driven decision making (DDDM)

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