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Growth Piracy

A little magic growth mirage, some tips and tricks to maximize your return on investment, and above all a methodology to advertise to your audience/target. We think it’s also a lot of marketing tools that help you make the right decision, to automate some unnecessary human processes in order to spend more time with your customers or users.

If you want to do a test with Growth Tribe (first growth hacking school) to find out which marketer you are, check out the following link…

We will share more tips, tips, and marketing tools on our blog.


PhotoFeeler is a great tool if you are unsure about the most appropriate photo for your Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile or just your CV. You upload the photo and you expect the community (part of people and part of artificial intelligence) to provide feedback on what your photos are.

Tagline: “Find out what people really think of your photos”.

Crystal Knows

With CrystalKnows, you are welcome to the 21st century!

Add the extension to your chrome browser, go to LinkedIn. Then, on the right side, you will see the crystal knows logo so you just have to click on it. The result is the psychological profile of the person. Use the free version carefully and I hope you don’t go to your friends and family’s LinkedIn account after…

UX Archive

UX Archive is a great resource for comparing user flows of different apps; onboarding, searching, sharing, buying, enrolling and other user flows.
Use this site to build your point of view and be inspired.

Tagline: “The archive of iPhone applications”


Pexels provides a stock of high quality and FREE licensed photos and videos from Pexels, which means that we can use them as we wish. Nevertheless, let’s not forget to thank the great photographers who made these amazing videos and photos by keeping the name on the source file.


Mixkit is a gallery of high quality videos and art presented to us by Envato, leading marketplaces for creative assets!

. Tagline: “Extraordinary HD videos. So that you can use them, completely free of charge.”


Sniply creates a button for your website at the top of your website content and it should be used as a conversion tool in your digital marketing strategy. Take a look at the sniply site to get great examples

. Tagline: “Add a call to action to every link you share”.

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