What is an extension .new?

.new extension was introduced a year ago for Gsuite’s users. We could already create docs, slides, spreadsheets, forms very easily taping directly in your browser. 

– Text Document : docs.new

– Spreadsheet: sheet.new

– Presentation: slide.new, 

– Form : form.new

– Create a website: site.new

– Add a meeting to your calendar: cal.new

Why use .new extension?

Since October 29th, 2019, you can use .new for other websites and he can really very useful to gain time like if regularly you need to create a marketing banner for your digital campaigns. Google has released a post the .new extension.  

Extension .new

– Canva (canva.new)

– Bitly (link.new) – Create a shortcut link

– Stripe (invoice.new)

– Medium (story.new)

– eBay (sell.new)

– GitHub (repo.new)

– WebEx (webex.new)

– Spotify (playlist.new )

– Spotify (playlist.new)

– OpenTable (reservation.new)

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