What is ClubHouse?

What is ClubHouse?


is the hyper-selective social network that has been intriguing for a few months. Launched less than a year ago, this application seeks to establish itself as the king of digital audio. So how does Clubhouse work? The premise is pretty simple: you can create or listen to conversations in digital “rooms” (“rooms”, in the language of the platform), ranging from a large conversation with a famous person to a conversation within a small group on any topic. No messages, no photos, no videos, just raw audio. Basically, the app works like a Ted conference or live podcasts, but with the added bonus of allowing listeners to weigh in.

You get the idea: talk. ONLY talk, yes. And listen of course. Here, you can’t write, post photos or videos. Just chat ephemerally on specific topics. A Snapchat spirit, somewhere. Anyone can start their own chat room, and each room has a moderator who regulates the exchanges and avoids cacophony and drift.

But Clubhouse is not as easily accessible, hence its reputation as a “hyper-selective” social network. Indeed, access is, for the moment, only possible by sponsoring a user already registered. Each new user receives two invitations to be distributed exclusively to his or her entourage. This is reminiscent of the old days when the average Internet user would try to get an invitation to Gmail.

A model that has worked quite well … Once among the lucky ones: have fun, you can start to exchange, talk and listen.


Sorry for the anglicism, but this is just amazing! I love it! I’ve been spending a lot of my nights on clubhouse lately. Haven’t you? The app is exploding in France and is starting to find its audience. I’m a big fan because there are clubs, rooms and very interesting people. I was able to listen to personalities like the CTO of Facebook, Spanish, Brazilian and American entrepreneurs.

Some French people too like Oussama and I heard that Jamel Debbouze was hanging out on ClubHouse (info or intox?) this weekend.

You can find everything on this new network and it’s exciting. This Sunday I even had the pleasure to attend the 2 interventions of the founders of Clubhouse Paul Davison et Rohan Seth. This is an opportunity to learn more about upcoming developments and gain a better understanding of the Clubhouse culture, including the famous : « people-centric » and the fact that corporate clubs are prohibited.

So, what are we talking about on ClubHouse?

Clearly, it’s mostly rooms and clubs around tech or the tech ecosystem. But these days the community is growing and I see more and more rooms on new and exciting topics. You are a specialist in foodtech go for it, people are interested!

In fact, the founders have taken THE feature that is most often used on WhatsApp; audio messages. This is in the trend of “Voice commerce“: you use your voice more and more to perform everyday actions like with Google Home or Echo or Alexa. Add to that the exclusive aspect of being able to access the app only by invitation and you have the Hype of the moment!

A complementary offer to Podcasts

As you know, Podcasts are the big winner of containment. What brand, what expert hasn’t launched their Podcast in 2020? To me, ClubHouse is not a competitor to podcasts. The two are complementary. The strength of Clubhouse is the live and ephemeral aspect. How many times have you said to yourself, I’ll listen to this podcast later? Did you finally listen to it? No. With Clubhouse there is the exhilaration of not wanting to miss a room. The famous FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). In short, an exclusive side. So the experts share their experience and tips without the risk of being “re-used” later on.

Why do I love ClubHouse?

  • Only one room at a time so more focus
  • No replay, hence the famous FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)
  • We are in the instantaneous, like on Snap, so we must take advantage of it
  • The “crème de la crème”, it’s the beginning so there are the technophiles, the avant-gardists.
  • A refreshing early Twitter spirit
  • Audio!  We can do other things at the same time.
  • No ads… For the moment !

Conferences are dead, Welcome ClubHouse

How can we take advantage of this? First of all, by listening and selecting the right subjects.

You will see, it is addictive and exciting. With the health crisis, travel is limited and conferences are cancelled. ClubHouse can fill this gap. From the comfort of your own home, you can attend live expert discussions and share your knowledge and expertise with thousands of people without paying a cent!

With ClubHouse, no more hotel, transportation or meal costs to attend a conference. Offer the conference of the future: limit your team’s travel expenses, stop investing in expensive booths or ephemeral roll-ups!

With ClubHouse, it’s so much easier to talk to speakers and discuss real-world issues.

How do I take advantage of ClubHouse?

  • Wait for a member to invite you (be patient because each member has limited invitations)
  • Find the application only on iPhone (iOS)
  • Create your profile in 1 minute
  • Follow rooms
  • Follow people and let’s go! Enjoy and Share

ClubHouse is all about the people” and we all can’t wait to find out when Elon Musk and Kanye West’s bromance…Warning, like all Rooms, the audience is limited to 5,000 people. So stay tuned!

How do we get there?

I’m on ClubHouse (@greggstyle) in the mornings between 7am and 9am CET time!

Looking forward to sharing and have a great week everyone.

This article is the testimony of Grégory Hanffou, Founder of Gonnected and happy ClubHouse user.