excel template

Contact us if you wish to have this amazing excel to create your business plan for your APP. 
We decomposed the 100 lines below so you will have a sense not only how to create/get this excel but most importantly if you need it! 

Let’s start by the first part of this APP business plan.You need to define what will be your customers, if you are willing to do a subscription models, ads models, partnerships models and much more. Based on your strategic decision you will be able to fill in the first part. 
Actually it’s supposed to be the most important as it’s how you will earn money and above all, have happy users / customers

My advice, think about your users and then your customers. Today, most of the APP start with a freemium approach paid through ads but it won’t be the standard for ever so find your own path

Customers & users

You are creating an APP!! 
Therefore, you’re IT operational costs should reflect your strategic decision to develop key features on your app for your users. 
You’re IT infra (infrastructure is important). Couple of info: 
1. Firebase is great to scale because it’s based on your trafic/server hit. 
2. You should have 1 firebase and 2 projects (for Google Play & Apple iOs)
3. Always code on native language as it’s better on the long term 

It’s great to create an APP but you need to attract users / customers through digital marketing. 
You have a lot of digital tactics for your app and we already have details couple of digital actions: Mobile Marketing acquisitions tools.

Depending if you internalize or externalize your marketing actions, you will need to define different marketing actions. 
Nowadays it’s important to create content; voice, video or text to be searchable on the stores (A.S.O) or your web (S.E.O). 

APP Performance Dashboard

Below you will find a mainstream APP Performance Dashboard for your app. 
It’s composed with the main KPIs (Key Indicator Performance) to be used in order to monitor your app. 
If you need more details about ARPU, Churn, DAU and so on, you can contact us through Calendly to have a 15min call about your project. 

APP Dashboard