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  • Performance audit of your website: Before working on the various SEO possibilities at our disposal, it is essential to carry out a complete audit of your site or app to have a status of your SEO situation, and to deduce a list of operational recommendations to improve your organic performance.


  • Analyzing the quality of your content: search engine optimization or SEO, today goes well beyond the simple work on your (meta) keywords. The algorithms of search engines bring an increasing importance to the contents of your website. The higher the quality of the published content, the more likely the search engines will reward their relevance and give your site more visibility, which will drain more qualified traffic to your website and its funnel of conversion.


  • Analysis of your competitors: Who are your competitors? what keywords are they positioned, and how? what is their traffic? what are their web marketing budget? Those strategic information that must be collected with the objective of having one or more steps in advance


  • Searching for backlinks: These links are a key indicator of the popularity of your site in the eyes of search engines. Here, we focus on quality rather than the amount of links.


  • Optimizing your site: this intervention remains one of the basics of SEO, it will allow your visitors to easily and intuitively access the information at the origin of his research and his visit. We will talk about “user experience” (UX) which is in correlation with the SXO.


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  • From SEO to SXO: search engine optimization evolves little by little towards the search experience optimization, related to the UX (user experience). The SXO makes it possible to go further in the SEO strategy; having as main objective to please primarily search engines for a preferential SEO. The SXO will put the user at the center of the strategy in order to offer him more relevant results in relation to his/her research. We will privilege here the quality of the contents of the site, the relevance of the landing page, the navigation of the visitor and its course until the final action sought, the conversion.


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