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At GOnnected, we have helped, keep helping and will collaborate with brands who are willing to:
  1. Increase your traffic
  2. Increase your sales
  3. Conversion rate optimization 
  4. Trainings : People > Furniture
We are really focusing on the growth part of your brand and how you can find the right customer at the right time with the most adecuate selling proposition. We do believe that we can do fair business for the planet and the people. 
That’s why we don’t forget the human touch to enhance human talents by sharing our tips, tactics we use ; to find your best digital marketing tactics. We are currently working to create an online training with podia or on Udemy to share even more knowledge. We’ll keep you posted.

Increase your traffic

We help you find the right channel to grow through qualified traffic. There is always an alternative to attract your customers. Let’s catch them!

Increase your sales

We use the A.A.A.R.R.R approach to boost your acquisition and therefore your sales by working on the funnel.

Conversion rate optimization 

We will use your current data and key app or websites metrics such as D.A.U or bounce rate per page, device or location. We’ll focus on the One Metric That Matter (O.M.T.M)

Trainings, people > furniture 

Younger generations have diffrerent expectations and will shape the working world to meet their need. One of the key aspect is a positive development through trainings.

GOnnected growth marketing approach

Also, if you wish to collaborate together for the benefit of your future customers, prospects, mobile users or Internet users : 
1. Get in touch for a FREE evaluation
2. Send us your website through our contact form 
3. Within 48hrs max you receive a surprise in your email 
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banners - increase sales
Banners - increase sales
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