What is growth hacking?

A little bit of a magical growth mirage, some tips, and tricks in order to maximize your return on investment and above all a methodologyΒ in order to advertise to your right audience/target. We think it’s also a lot of marketing tools that help you take the right decision, automate some useless human process in order to spend more time with your customers or users.

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logo linked helper

This tool has been one of the main growth hacking tool for the past year. Why? Because you can mainly do this: export your LinkedIn contacts to CSV file to build targeted mailing list.
It will enable you to expand your social networks to an unlimited contacts

logo zapier

Make a Zap! It mens connect or automate a tool with another in order to gain time, prospect or likes on social networks. I have no idea how many connection with tools they have but you can def’ explore the tools through this link zapier.

logo phantombuster

You can use PhantomBuster in order to scrape websites with the goal to retrieve leads or to automate some specific actions like a direct integration of your surveys in your database. Take a look at the API Store, you’ll have hundreds of possibilities

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