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Why we created this section about WordPress because some many websites run on WordPress that it has become a standard for a website.

As we plan to share our knowledge of our digital marketing and coding experience to the world, we thought we could share our best / useful WordPress plugging.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is mandatory for all website in European Union and Cookibot is a WordPress plugin to manage GDPR on your site. How? You add the plugin, then you to go Cookibot site and register. You’ll see a small banner on the bottom of your website depending on your settings.


Smush is a WordPress plugin to compress and optimize your images. The size, the weight of your images is key to load your pages the faster possible. More than 1 millions WordPress website are using this plugin and it’s understandable! Very simple as Smush do the scan of your images for you. #cool

logo-piio-optimization wordpress

Quite similar to Smush, Piio decrease your image load times so you can increase your conversions. It has been demonstrated that you can increase your sales by delivering images faster to your customers, prospect or clients.


Yoast SEO is a tool to set-up properly your search engine optimization for search engine. It helps you to define your metas tags (title, description, and keywords) with some interesting checked to make sure, as a digital marketer, you’re doing it rights: duplicate content, readability of meta descriptions and much more


You have so many emails and/or marketing tools to get in touch with your customers and Mailchimp is one of them. We recommend Mailchimp for their free versions that could be enough to get started your online business. You can also create and manage specific landings pages based on your target audience.


You must add an analytics tool to your website and the free version of Google analytics could be the right starts if you want not only to track your users (mobile/website) but also know what they do and what they like on your website. This WordPress plugin is the easiest to install as you only need your google analytics ID to start collecting analytics data. Have fun!


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