SELEGO: Digital marketing campaigns

Selego - SAAS product

Who is SELEGO?

SELEGO is specialized to create B2B SAAS products. Very skilled and professional who always goes beyond imagination to create your perfect product. 

I highly recommend to work with Seb and SELEGO’s team to have a MVP for your start-up, develop your B2B SAAS as they use the best frameworks in town! (mongo DB, AWS, nodes, Gcloud and much more. 

Visit the website for more info:

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GOnnected helped SELEGO regarding topics relative to digital marketing like: 
– How to define vision – mission – plan in order to advance in fast path on a specific B2B SAAS product for human ressources companies? 
– What is the current CPI for iOs & android worldwide and what strategy to adopt? 
– How to set-up digital campaigns? (Google, Facebook) 
– Exchange on how to set-up properly google tag manager (GTM) 

«Starting our new business, Greg and Gonnected were very supportive. He helped us shape our vision & mission and enabled us to focus on our most important objectives. His digital marketing knowledge were also very helpful to set up and optimise our Google campaigns. I gladly recommend his expertise and digital knowledge.»
SELEGO - logo
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