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The 22 rules of storytelling as per pixar

The 22 rules of storytelling as per Pixar

Pixar Pixar Animation Studios (Pixar) is an American computer animation film studio. They have defined 22 rules of storytelling to create amazing cartoons, movies and much more. You can download the entire PDF here and I have copy/paste the 22 rules of storytelling below. Hope you will 1. Admire characters for attempting more than what their successes have been. 2. Keep in mind what’s interesting to you as an audience, not what’s fun as a writer. They can be very different. 3. Trying for theme is important, however, you won’t...

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Blog Google - shortcut

You will love .new extension to create

https://youtu.be/uNXn3MYV7hE What is an extension .new? .new extension was introduced a year ago for Gsuite’s users. We could already create docs, slides, spreadsheets, forms very easily taping directly in your browser.  - Text Document : docs.new - Spreadsheet: sheet.new - Presentation: slide.new,  - Form : form.new - Create a website: site.new - Add a meeting to your calendar: cal.new Why use .new extension? Since October 29th, 2019, you can use .new for other websites and he can really very useful to gain time like if regularly you need to create a marketing banner for your digital campaigns. Google has...

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planning 2020

Organize your life and work with a FREE 2020 planning

Excel template Here is a calendar format that I have been using for a long time not only to organize your professional life but also your private life. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1o00FPrj67OnFd8EeoVsqGC1Jl9gIo8FSnlUokJtJVv0/edit#gid=0This excel format enables you to define your mornings and afternoon. Feel free also to add your holidays and any critical /essential dates like birthdays, weddings, parties, conferences, meetings and much more. Let me know your thoughts, always great. Find some great tips for your google chrome browser in a previous blog post. ...

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logo google chrome web store

10+ FREE marvelous Google Chrome Extensions you will LOVE!

What are Chrome extensions? Extension is a small plugin that you can add to your browser on the right-hand side of your browser toolbar. You can imagine that extension are like an app you can find in your AppStore, which is kind of cool. You can go directly to Chrome Web Store to find all chrome extensions available today. Why Use Chrome extensions? Extensions are used to block ads on Web pages, translate text from one language to another, or add pages to a third-party bookmark service such as the google chrome extensions...

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Toolbar - Chrome - Bookmark added

How To Add And Manage Bookmarks In Google Chrome?

Why I Use Bookmarks? Bookmarks are very useful in order to gain in productivity because you have direct access to your favorites websites in one-click! So when you open your google chrome browser or even your firefox or Microsoft Edge;- Bookmark your favorites news, sports websites - Bookmark your competitors's websites in order to visualize faster what they are doing #benchmark- Bookmark great tools that you use on a daily basis - Bookmark articles that you liked and want to share later with your friends, colleagues or family- Bookmark great...

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