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We created GOnnected because we have been working in the digital world for some time, it’s actually part of our life since we’re on Earth almost, and most probably until we go to another planet (Pluto?). Our digital experience with large retailers, agencies, or even launching our own projects have been key to decide to embark on this adventure.


Why? Well, we have been quite disappointed about the agencies we have worked with, in the past couple of years. We felt that we were not a partner and after the honeymoon period, they were not proactive anymore. That one of the reasons we decided to name it “GO-nnected” for our will to be in the action and not undergo them and to stay always connected with all digital trends for us and our clients.


Therefore, we are currently working on modeling our business model of growth agency for startups as advisors using A.A.A.R.R.R metrics and/or for retailers to grow with them through their digital transformation as it impacts not only people (the key) but also automation of process, logistics, happiness center and training everybody in the company.


Our goal is to define an agenda so our customers can grow slowly and enter in hyper-growth if there is product-market fit.


Get in touch with us, we will be delighted to discuss your projects and your vision to see how we can help you grow!


Clement & Greg
Live, Love, Enjoy !! 

Why we created a growth agency?

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