7 outils pour le référencement


You want to increase the traffic on your website? You want to improve the positioning of your site on search engines? Today, implementing an effective SEO strategy is essential to optimize your visibility on the web. It should be noted that, according to Databox, 70% of marketers consider SEO to be more effective than paid search. You should therefore focus on having your website appear on the first page of Google, especially in the first five results. In order to save time and to help you refine your strategy, there are a multitude of SEO tools available on the web today.

It is even possible to take advantage of effective SEO and web marketing software without breaking the bank as there are free tools or free trial versions. Here is a selection of the 7 best free tools, chosen by Gonnected, to optimize
your natural referencing.


The secret of a good natural referencing lies mainly in the choice of the keywords. GKP is the keyword planning tool on Google AdWords. It allows you to search for keyword ideas and build a list of relevant keywords as well as to understand the results that a list of keywords is likely to obtain. Totally free, it allows you to :

  • Generate new keyword ideas
  • Get statistics on search volume, traffic forecasts, bidding or trends for a keyword list
  • Create keyword lists that you can add to your campaigns


Here is another free and essential tool from Google: Google Analytics. With this tool, you can analyze and understand the behavior of Internet users who visit your website. For this, you have a multitude of indicators such as :

  • The number of visits over a given period
  • The most visited pages
  • The source of the traffic: do your visitors come from paid search, natural search or social networks
  • The device used to connect
  • Their geographical origin

It is true that knowing your audience better allows you to adapt your digital strategy, to offer them content adapted to their needs/expectations and thus to improve the customer experience.


To be well referenced on search engines, it is important to write quality content that adds real value and provides useful answers to questions that Internet users have. “Answer the public” is a free SEO tool that allows you to
identify the keywords or expressions regularly entered by Internet users in search engines. It is a real treasure for content creators who can find ideas for topics for their blog, get a first list of keywords and know the interests of Internet users.

In addition to its efficiency, this tool is very easy to use. You just have to type a keyword and the tool will show you, in the form of a rosette, all the expressions typed by Internet users in the form of questions, suggestions, comparisons and alphabetical lists.


Link building is also very important in SEO. Launched in 2011, Ahrefs is a paid backlink analysis tool that offers a free version of its Backlink Checker tool. Very powerful, this SEO tool offers the best backlink database in the industry
industry and its data is updated every 15 minutes.

As its name suggests, the Backlink Checker allows you to analyze the backlinks of your website or those of your competitors, to know where they come from or to see broken links.

You can filter the results to get very detailed reports and know the popularity of the linked pages and the website thanks to organic traffic estimates.


Here is a French tool that allows you to perform a complete audit of your website in terms of SEO, security, performance, accessibility and speed. Thanks to Dareboost, you can test the performance of your site, detect speed problems, load times, analyze the quality of your site compared to your competitors, etc.

Your site is compared to a repository of hundreds of best practices and gets an overall quality score as well as detailed results to help you understand what you need to improve and optimize. This tool places you in the e-commerce landscape while
your deviations from the best practices.


As the 6th tool, Gonnected recommends Yoast SEO. Indeed, it is considered as the best free SEO tool for WordPress. It is also the most popular with more than 8 million installations. It is a very complete extension (or plugin) to optimize your site for search engines. Once installed, Yoast SEO regularly analyzes your site and suggests possible improvements in order to get a better SEO. You can notably :

  • Improve the title and meta description of an article
  • Define the targeted keyword
  • Check that this keyword is well inserted where it should be
  • Perform a readability analysis
  • Optimize the content
  • Generate a sitemap


Finally, the last SEO tool that Gonnected recommends is Woorank. Do you want to know where your website is weak in terms of SEO? Woorank is the tool you need to optimize your website’s visibility and maximize your marketing efforts.

This tool analyzes your website and instantly provides you with data on your SEO, social networks, usability and all other factors that are essential for your SEO. Woorank detects technical and/or content issues on your website, checks for blocking factors. It inspects your internal links, tracks keyword search volume and analyzes your competitors’ keywords. It makes sure that your pages are readable or that your site is optimized for mobile devices.

You will have understood, it is a complete tool that helps you to improve your natural referencing.


Thanks to this list of seven free SEO tools, you will be able to optimize your website’s positioning in search engines, improve its visibility and increase traffic.

It’s up to you

Do not hesitate to contact us for more tools or information. It is always a pleasure for the GOnnected team to discuss with you.